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  • Cooling Material :
    42% Polyester
    40% Nylon
    18% Spandex

    .Use cool materials to make it easier for the wearer to feel cool
    .Breathable, comfortable and hygienic, flexible and elastic
    .Moisture absorbent. Stops perspiration from being absorbed by the helmet liner.  Avoiding a stuffy and smelly helmet, prolonging helmet liner life
    .Unique woven mesh layer and has fast wicking which makes air easily pass-through to the skin, keeping it cool all the time
    .Smooth and delicate. Wearing a balaclava can make it easier to wear a helmet
    .Use breathable mesh on the front which prevents the wearer's breath from fogging up the helmet visor

  • Please clean it by water or natural detergent, otherwise due to the improper washing, the special function may be reduced gradually.

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